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Rajasthani Village Culture (Sapno Ri Dhani)

"Sunrise Dream World" have created the atmosphere, keeping in view of culture, heritage, art, craft, dresses, cuisine, colorful makes like, lukh ki chudiya, silver bangles, silver pipened payjeb, big size ear rings, and the most important factor the nature & Rajasthani Handlooms, for the tourists from all part of the World to witness enjoy and feel the closeness of nature. Its ethnic touch and essence of soil makes the people over welmed which cannot be expressed in language. It can only be felt, once one experience it physically. "Sunrise Dream World - Sapno ri Dhani", is framed in such a way that the combination of those expressed above can be experienced under one umbrella which cannot be forgotten during whole life.

Rajasthani Attractions

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  • iconTraditional Songs
  • iconKalbelia Dance
  • iconTraditional Cuisines
  • iconPuppet Shows
  • iconMagic Shows
  • iconAstrologers
  • iconKachchi Ghodi Dance
  • iconHandicraft Shops
  • iconCamel Riding
  • iconHorse Riding
  • iconMehndiwala
  • iconChudiwala
  • iconClay Potter
  • iconSwings & Rides
  • iconLohar (Ironsmith)
  • iconBuggy Jumping
  • iconStatue for Photography

Dinings & Cuisines

The "Rana Pratap Restaurant" is the unique creation of "Sunrise Dream World - Sapno ri Dhani " where along with other cuisine, special Rajasthani dishes like, Bajre Ki Roti, Daal, Bati, Churma, Kheer, Rajasthani Lal Maas, Ker Sangri, Gutta Curry, Curry Pakoda etc. mouth watering dishes are being garnished on a plater and served on Bajot, the special sitting on a parallel pad i.e. "ASHAN", giving the feelings of Rajasthani Style of feeding. The capacity of the Restaurant is approximately 150 Covers and the Crockery and Cutleries are the evident of Rajasthani Theme Utensils and the Traditional Dresses of the server are also give the touch of Rajasthani Traditional Style.

Punjabi Village

Punjab the territory of heroic deeds in India, the state of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, The Famous Freedom Fighter of India, is known as the state of liveliness. The culture, art, craft, cuisine, dresses, ornament, etc. are the prime attraction of the state of Punjab. Sunrise Dream World have created the scenario of an interior village in such a way which gives the actual feeling of Punjab in Rajasthan. The famous Bhangda Dance performane is the main attraction, where no one can stick to his place and automatically attracted towards the Dancing Floor. Punjabi cuisine, like Makke di Roti and Sarson da Saag, with jumbo glass of Lassi is the mouth watering cuisine famous in all over World. It cannot be expressed without experiencing it personally.

Dinings & Cuisines

"Sohni Mahiwal Restaurant" as the name of the Restaurant itself spells out the Traditional essence, and the ambiance, colors, theme, server dresses and the stuff which are served on the Table are the evidence of Interior Punjabi Village atmosphere, which was the main aim of the management of "Sunrise Dream World". The food particle of the Punjabi Restaurant are specific and completely different from other quality Restaurant. Here one can enjoy the mouth watering famous dish of Makke Di Roti and Sarson Da Saag, along with a Jumbo Glass of Sweet & Salt Lassi, unless experience, cannot be expressed and once it is being experienced, one cannot Forget during the whole life even.

Gujrati Village

Gujrat another state of India, where Culture, Craft, Art & Wearing have got specific identity. Like Rajasthan Gujrat also known as the state of warrior. It is also eminent as the birth place of the father of the Nation "Mahatma Gandhi". The life style and food preparation is a bit different. The Sunrise Dream World keeping in view of all facts above, have created an ethnic cultural Gujrati Village, where the typical gujrati culture, art, craft etc. are evident and every one can enjoy the Gujrati Food as well the taste of which one cannot identify that they are sitting in a place out of Gujrat. Gujrat is well known to the world for its famous Garva, & Dandiya Dance performance and once you step in Sunrise Dream World, no one cannot keep away from the Gujrati Dancing Floor and automatically towards the Dancing Floor.

Dinings & Cuisines

The "Ashirwad Restaurant" is the theme Restaurant of Gujrat, where along with their cuisine, Gujrati Food like Meethi Khichdi, Bataka-Kanda ki Subzi, Gathiya, Bhujiya, Fried Mirchi, Khaman Dhokla the Gujrati Specialty of food are being served by the Server in pure Gujarati Style of Dresses to give the feelings of Gujarat. The capacity of the Restaurant is approx. 150 covers. This specialty Restaurant is famous for its make, operating instruments and the colors attracts the people and it cannot be expressed in language, unless Experience it personally. We the Management of SUNRISE DREAM WORLD" invites the dignified personnel to witness and come out with your comments so as to enable us to prove our worth.